Energy and adventure, a company which imagines the future, developing a new breed of electric vehicles.
  • Power
    The EMAV ES a premium electric 4-wheel drive sport adventure vehicle. Driving your adventures
  • Invest
    EMAV a new car company, a new kind of vehicle, built on technology and unique vehicle features on a proven platform with zero emissions
  • Power Station
    EMAV Stand Alone Mobile Energy System. A Power Station that generates energy, stores energy and delivers energy.

Coming Soon: The Next Generation of Electric Vehicles. Rugged, Premium, 4 Wheel Drive.

Energy, adventure and responsibility, EMAV is a company imagining possibilities and the future. We build tomorrow's vehicles today.

Premium, high performance, rugged, comfortable, electric vehicles. Passionate, dedicated and responsible, EMAV pursues the resources, invention and innovation to lead global change and healing with zero emission transportation and mobile power sources.


Guiding Framework

We will (i) deliver unique and superior consumer & commercial electric vehicles; (ii) provide an engaging and fulfilling work environment for our employees; (iii) reward our stockholders with transparent operations and superior return on investment; and, (iv) benefit society by reducing vehicle emissions and creating jobs.

We are guided in business by focusing on four questions and our responses to each:
  • Why would someone spend their money with EMAV?
    Because our products are unique and superior to anything else in the marketplace.
  • Why would somebody work for EMAV?
    Because we will pay above average wages, provide health and related benefits, and promote a work environment where each employee knows they play a role in the success of the company.
  • Why are we important to the community and society at large?
    We will forge a public/private partnership with the communities in which we operate, engaging both the local citizenry and local governments. Our signature products eliminate exhaust emissions and reduce dependence on fossil fuels.
  • Why would somebody invest their money in EMAV?
    We will operate with complete transparency and the highest ethics; not just because we are public though because it is the right way to conduct business. EMAV has an important role to play in solving societal challenges; being a leader in the electric vehicle industry and bringing manufacturing jobs back to the Midwest and helping our military heroes as they return to the workforce. We can do well by doing good! Our business model is premised on low cost entry into our industry with a superior return.

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